The start of the summer.

This week has definitely been the week of the long awaited sunshine. After what seems like weeks of torrential rain and chilliness – the sun has prevailed! These are a few of the highlights from this last week

  • Taking Theo to see my Mum and her partner Paul at Pauls new homestead. A little piece of heaven in Devon. I felt like we were in the south France as I sipped a cup of tea on the grass with the sun blazing down.FullSizeRender-13
  • Watching Theo ‘help’ to bottle feed and ‘cuddle’ the new lambs
  • See Theo get a ‘booty’ whilst playing in the river on the way back, having to put nappy bags on his feet to stop his second pair of socks not get soaked through
  • Theo having his first ride in a proper digger. He didn’t quite know what to do with himself. The joy!
  • Heading home to meet Husband Dave from work.
  • Walking down the pub and sitting by the river with a pint in the sunshine
  • Wrestling Theo into the bath
  • Having a deliveroo ‘date night’ and film {Capote} (we would recommend) snuggled on the sofa
  • Waking up on Saturday at quarter to 8 in amazement that we {Theo} had managed to have a lie in.
  • Trekking down to Exmouth to get some proper beach time for the first time this year
  • Eating sausage baps on the sand. Theo had half of mine and Rosie the other half of my sandy sausage
  • Soaking in the sunshine
  • Taking Theo down to the sea to dip his toes in. Him squealing crazily at how cold it was… me too!
  • FullSizeRender-14

    Being stuck in crazy traffic on the way back- lots of accidents happened in Exeter on Saturday apparently…! Me not really minding the peace and quiet as Theo snoozed in the back and Husband Dave and I chatted away.

  • Throwing together a summery greek salad for lunch
  • Getting the sun umbrella out in the garden and setting up a rug
  • Watching Theo splash in the bubbly washing up bowl – Rosie happily getting involved too…
  • Dusting off the bikes and readjusting Theos helmet. This boys head has growwwn in the last 6 months…!
  • Cycling off down the  river in the sunshine. Having to stop every 100m or so as Theo would chuck his ‘snuggie’ {muslin-comforter} out the side- passers by waving us down as it flew off again…and again…Theo finding it hilarious
  • Watching the grand national… and all of our horses drop out
  • Feeling nostalgic at both our families history of watching the grand national over the years
  • All eating dinner together- mushroom and courgette omelette, salad and chipsFullSizeRender-15
  • Watching Theo enjoy the bath, me loving getting him all clean from a sandy day
  • Having a quick shower and change before heading over to a friends birthday, realising my face is glowing from the sunny beach day
  • Sinking into bed exhausted
  • Being woken up by Theo in the middle of the night screaming… I hurry in to see what is the matter and he flops suddenly down in his cot giggling… pretending to be asleep.  He does this another two times before I send HD in who takes no shiz and he goes back to sleep straight away…That boy. Cant help giggle myself back to sleep…
  • Waking up earlier than Theo {I blame his midnight pranking} and sneak a walk with Rosie
  • Preparing a picnic lunch for another day at the beach.
  • Going to church- Although I miss the service and spend the whole time chasing around after Theo in the creche
  • Arriving at Exmouth again, with friends. Theo kicking his legs with excitement at another beach day
  • Slapping on the sun cream, then Theo face planting the sand wanting to eat as much as he could. Him having a face now covered in sand as it has stuck to all the suncream. Great.
  • Watching him being absorbed for hours with a friends bucket and spade.
  • Reluctantly packing up and driving home
  • Making a quick cauliflower cheese for us all for tea. Watching Theo chuck his everywhere. and Rosie lick it off him whilst he squealed with joy. Me too exhausted to intervene with some sort of sensible order
  • Whizzing Theo up to have another bath full of sand. Him falling quickly to sleep.
  • me feeling happily exhausted from the loveliest start to the summer. How the sunshine makes such a difference! Feeling excited for the summer ahead and the endless mouth of beach trips to come.

Big Love

Holly xxx

Ps. I also made this recipe this week. Loved it. A great veggie filo pie which I will definitely be making again { although I think I may have to have some time off from filo as I have gone a bit overboard the last few weeks…!}


Spontaneous day off.

So, I have been a little rubbish at blogging the past few weeks, and I have put it down to not actually being here. We have been away 8weekends in a row… and so I have just not been able to blog… let alone be creative! Husband Dave and I have decided that that we MUST be a lot more home-based… mainly for our sanity.


I took a ‘spontaneous’ day off last Friday as I just needed a holiday day… even though we had only come back from Budapest 3 days earlier. (I love travelling- but it is EXHAUSTING too!… Dave had booked Budapest as a surprise trip for our 2-year wedding anniversary… but I was looking at our (Joint) Bank account wondering why we were in the red and saw a biggy….. I was like ‘what is something something Budapest…Oh….woops’. Poor husband Dave. Not so much a surprise- but such a gorgeous city).


Anywho. I had the most lovliest of spontaneous days. Mainly for five reasons…


Ombre hair ( with a splash of blonde at the front) and first charity shop buy £1.99: FARA.

For one. It was gorgeously sunny. Best day to take a spontaneous holiday day. Husband Dave thinks we should have one ‘bonus’ bank holiday day a year on a sunny day where the Queen can call we all have a bank holiday. [ I added that it should be the queen…obvs].


Two. I had my hair done. I have been mmming and ahhhing for months about whether to go brown/ blonde- I just fancied a bit of a change. So I booked an appointment not knowing what to do… Just booked a ‘colour’. I came out with an ‘ombre’. Now for those of you who (like me) thought this was an aftershave from watching friends. To the untrained eye it look like bad roots…. Mainly a fading from brown to blonde… and something I have thought about for about a year now (for proof see my pinterest page; hair).


Three. I bought 3 items of clothing for collectively under a tenner… and simultaneously gave to charity ( I am wearing one of these in the photo ). East Molesey; a little town home to Hampton Court Palace has the most amazing selection of charity shops. I went into 3 shops and bought an item from each. The best thing is coming away with actually quite nice clothes for a bargain and not really thinking I have spent the money on clothes, but more that I have given generously to charity (…!)


Four. I had a lovely walk down the river and a chicken wrap bought from a street stall. Bloomin love wraps … and living in Surbiton.


The massive mirror…(especially compared to the size of my head)!

Five I bought a MASSIVE antique mirror for half price… also in East Molesey- home to some very lovely antique shops- ( the antiques road show was filming in the shop that very day!) However it is sat upstairs as I need to find some way of hanging it safely on the wall…. It really is pretty heavy as well as massive!


Husband Dave and I have both decided that although I definitely made some super savings… and I was extra happy when I bounded in to Husband Dave flopped on the sofa after a long day in the office…I can probably only afford a spontaneous day off once a year [We are still debating whether mirror should be joint account or Hollys account purchased ( I am arguing it is for OUR house; therefore Joint… Dave is arguing he never wanted a massive mirror, therefore Hollys…..)


Big Love,

Holly xxx