Last week we got back from our first family holiday in Cornwall as a four (Rosie the dog inc).. It has been lovely.  Here are the highlights:

Exploring some of the beautiful beaches where I spent as a child.

Seeing  Rosie and Theo play excitedly together. They are in LOVE.

Watching Theo splash in the puddles. Overjoyed is an understatement.

Wolfing down the cream tea that was our welcome to our Air B&B. My favourite cake combo.

Cooking up a full fry up every morning as we were in an actual B&B.

Having a ‘relax’

Having a ‘relax’ on the beach and getting mobbed by Theo and his lunchbox.

Hearing Theo chant ‘Beach Beach Beach’ whenever we got in the car.

Meal planning so we each chose and cooked ‘surprsie’ meals for each other.

Eating soggy sausage sandwiches outside an art gallery whilst Theo was screaming in his pram having a meltdown.

Tracking down the house that ‘About Time’ was filmed in. It is more beautiful in real life than in the film if that is possible.

Husband Dave and I sipping  wine as we played backgammon. Our fave game. ( For the record I won much to HDs disappointment).

At the ‘secret hut’

Sipping the most amazing hot chocolate at the ‘secret hut’ on Portscatho beach. My new favourite place.

Eating Pasties on the Mevagissey harbour.

Holding onto Theo for dear life as he enthusiastically splashed on the harbour steps.

Snuggying up on the sofa and watching films in the evening.

Chatting through our plans for minimising and decluttering our house/  life.

Making a packed lunch every day and heading out to knowing where we would eat it.

Feeling thoroughly refreshed after a few days away and feeling like we never have to go anywhere else on holiday again.

Big Love,



He feels he can adventure anywhere with his snuggie









Reality Holiday

Back from a few days away in South Devon, Husband Dave and I have felt like we have relaxed, connected and started to plan for the arrival of our baby which is growing undeniably imminent… Still the only other purchase we have made at 35 weeks pregnant – apart from a pram- being a fox door stop for the babys room which Husband Dave insisted was ‘a necessity’.

Our few days in South Devon consisted of…

  • Arriving in Salcombe with it raining torrentially with the BIGGGGEST smile on my face- It was so exciting to be on holiday after the last few months…even the rain seemed to be a novelty.

    Arriving in Salcombe with a lot of rain!
    Arriving in Salcombe with a lot of rain!
  • Watching all the wellied and raincoated children happily ignore the rain. Reminding me of all our childhoods by the sea with soggy sandwiches.
  • Seeing a whole family crammed in the boot of their car eating a packed lunch…Thinking that will be us in a few years.
  • Lunching in a little pub- deciding the crab was too much of a shellfish to eat when pregnant.
  • Pottering around lovely ‘homeware’ shops in Salcombe.
  • Arriving at our farmstead B&B. Still pouring outside.
  • Reading and dozing in bed all afternoon as it poured torrentially outside.
  • Finally venturing out at 9pm in search of some dinner.
  • Getting annoyed at Husband Dave wanting to watch the football on our holiday…Husband dave getting annoyed …‘it was his holiday too’… and we had walked around ‘homeware shops’ on his holiday…
  • Husband Dave finally admitting that sitting in a sports bar eating a ‘surf n turf’ was not an acceptable date night for our last holiday without a baby.
  • Finding a little back street restaurant and had a very relaxed dinner. Discussed the possibility of nearly every baby name under the sun. Still getting no further with expanding our little list
  • Husband Dave finding out the football score was 0-0. Great result for my argument ‘they may as well have not played- or anyone wasted their time watching’. HD getting exasperated at this logic.
  • Waking up slowly and heading downstairs to breakfast.
  • Being greeted by ‘Charles’… ‘Felicity’ was away on an emergency visit and so Charles was in charge. Apparently he was never allowed in the kitchen under Felicitys watch.

    Husband Dave trying to cram in as much relax time as poss before the new arrival
    Husband Dave trying to cram in as much relax time as poss before the new arrival
  • Loving watching Charles make us breakfast. One and a half hours later after numerous tripping up on his laces and bumbling we had breakfast. It was worth the wait- and so lovely to chat to Charles over that time. I love that with B&Bs that you are part of the family.
  • Smelling that Ruggles, their blind/deaf dog had farted and he was speedily escorted from the building.
  • Heading off to Thurlstone where Husband Dave had booked us in for a surprise Spa afternoon.
  • Feeling incredibly spoilt with wearing a robe and slippers.
  • Enjoying a facial and pregnancy massage. AMAZING. I was in some sort of weird daze for the rest of the day. Like literally the next 24 hours.
  • Having a cream tea looking over the sea watching the waves crash, the rain pour and snuggling with a book, feeling very drowsy.
  • Walking out to the headland. And wondering at how lucky we were to live in such a beautiful place.
  • Thanking God for the gift of a baby and praying for our new little life together.

    The gorgeous point where we had a pray
    The gorgeous point where we had a pray
  • Heading to Bantham Beach for a walk through the dunes.
  • Having dinner in a little Tapas place in Kingsbridge. Candles burning and sleepy heads. Making a list of everything we may need for the baby.
  • Waking up on our last morning to the sound of torrential rain again. Heading downstairs to be greeted by ‘Felicity’.
  • Having breakfast served in 20 minutes.
  • Having a tour of the Farm with Charles. Wondering what a completely different life they must lead. Horses, Swimming pools, Sailing.
  • Heading off to Dartmouth for the day. Realising it was the Reggata and the whole town being turned into a festival with Pimms, Fairs and Jazz by the Sea. Gorgeous.
  • The sun shining we decided to go on a boat trip to Agatha Christies house.
  • Having a slight panic on the boat about what if I went into labour now.… deciding maybe this should be the last boat trip for the next few weeks.
  • Wondering at the life Agatha must have led and seen the inspiration for her writing.
  • Being offered a ride down to the boat in the ‘golf buggy’ due to pregnancy bump. Husband Dave was super keen- but I remained adamant I would walk …We missed our boat. (Husband Dave was dawdling).

    Husband Dave insisting on a photo shoot
    Husband Dave insisting on a photo shoot
  • Being amazed at the attention you get when pregnant. So much conversation and helpfulness. I feel that I am smiled at all the time as poeople look down at the bump and say ‘ooh – not long to go….’! Yes….!!!
  • Husband Dave feeling the baby kick and pretty much holding onto its foot through my tummy saying ‘ Is that YOU Holly’ and me saying no that is the baby.. . Then a few minutes later ‘Is THAT you Holly’…. No… Still the baby… and it dawning on Husband Dave that there is an actual baby inside me. Astonishment clearly the overriding reality.
  • Heading home in the car feeling thoroughly relaxed and reconnected. Armed with a big to –do list to prepare for the baby:

No. 1. Buy Essential items (apart from Fox doorstops)

No. 2. Decorate baby room

No. 3. Husband Dave to learn massage (To help me relax)- Essential.

No. 4. To decide on a final draft of baby names.

No. 5. Pack a hospital bag.

Overall, we had the loveliest last baby free holiday and are feeling a little bit more armed with the reality that this baby is coming soon so we must prepare… But not too soon please.

Big Love,