Lurgy remedies.

This past week I have been hit by the lurgy. It has knocked me horizontal. Literally. I have found it hard to get myself off the sofa to do anything. Which is a tough one when I have an active toddler on the move at all times, and a bounding puppy, let alone Husband Dave […]

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The start of the summer.

This week has definitely been the week of the long awaited sunshine. After what seems like weeks of torrential rain and chilliness – the sun has prevailed! These are a few of the highlights from this last week Taking Theo to see my Mum and her partner Paul at Pauls new homestead. A little piece of heaven in […]

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Bad habits. Good food.

The last few months Husband Dave and I have been going to a church ‘home group’ where we meet every other Thursday in one of our homes and explore our faith with others. The last few weeks have been about getting into good routines and habits… which have meant cutting out the bad ones…! One […]

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The last few weeks.

The last few weeks have all blurred a bit into one. With working, Theo entertaining, Rosie walking and general life doing, I haven’t managed to sit down and tap away at a blog. So, here are a  few of the highlights of the last few weeks First date night of the year with Husband Dave(!) We spent […]

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New recipe. New Dog.

This week has been mad. Mainly because Husband Dave picked me up from work on Tuesday with a ten week old cockapoo puppy in the boot. Yes. We had planned it. Ever since Husband Dave and I met we have talked about getting a dog. We both grew up with dogs, and knew that we wanted a […]

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honey and lemon tea anyone?

This week I have drunk my body weight in honey and lemon tea. I have squeezed through ten lemons and made my way through a WHOLE JAR of my mums home bee-ed honey. And am drinking one as I write this.  I have had tonsillitis and have been trying desperately to avoid a hardcore round of […]

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