Bathroom refurb.

Just before christmas we had our bathroom refurbed. This has always been the room that has not really fit with the rest of our house, it was about 15 years old and although there was nothing particularly wrong with it, it just was not our taste and no matter how much I cleaned it- it never felt […]

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Getting Hygge

This last month has seen the nights draw in and  the woolly hats come out. Mid November and I am enjoying getting hygge. I know its not everyones cup of tea, but a little part of me really enjoys the nights becoming darker and having the excuse to cosy in. I have been doing lots of… […]

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Outdoor theatre date night.

Last night Husband Dave and I ventured out on a rare date night of the year. An outdoor theatre production of Shakespeares ‘A comedy of errors’. Sounded lovely when HD booked it in the heat wave of June. Last night it was torrential rain. Not just spitting but massive downpour, running to the car with a […]

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Last week we got back from our first family holiday in Cornwall as a four (Rosie the dog inc).. It has been lovely.  Here are the highlights: Exploring some of the beautiful beaches where I spent as a child. Seeing  Rosie and Theo play excitedly together. They are in LOVE. Watching Theo splash in the puddles. […]

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‘Holidaying’ with a toddler

Last week we went to Spain to stay with my parents-in-law. With Theo. To say I was apprehensive about flying with a very active toddler was an understatement. I am not the best ‘Flyer’ as they go, let alone with the potential of mass chaos from my son. So. I had researched different ideas to keep toddlers […]

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A home weekend.

I love a weekend where we have nothing booked in. After a busy week at work I was looking forward to a lazy few days where we could go at our own pace pottering through. ‘A rarity’ Husband Dave often grumbles. Friday evening I met Husband Dave on the way back from his work. We took Theo and Rosie for a play […]

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Date night.

Friday night was  Husband Dave and I’s first real date night of the year. We have found it hard to get a date in that wasn’t for someones birthday, seeing friends or having a family get-together. So. we arranged a babysitter and headed out for dinner. The feeling of heading out just the two of us […]

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