Outdoor theatre date night.

Last night Husband Dave and I ventured out on a rare date night of the year. An outdoor theatre production of Shakespeares ‘A comedy of errors’. Sounded lovely when HD booked it in the heat wave of June.

Last night it was torrential rain. Not just spitting but massive downpour, running to the car with a plastic bag over your head sort of rain. GREAT. I did phone ahead to double-check it was still going ahead. ‘Only cancelled if high winds/ electrical storms’ Heavy rain definitely a goer. Perfect.

We opted not to ‘take a picnic’ as the theatre had suggested and instead ate our dinner FullSizeRender-1with Theo at 4.30pm. Ultimate date night.

Then it was to get ready…Gone were any vaguely date night attire (HD had put on a shirt and I laughed inside) as I reached for my wellies, plastic trousers and waterproof coat, and a woolly scarf I could wrap over my head for if I was really cold. (I did wrap it over my head). Saturday night baby!

We took a flask of tea, a slab of chocolate and some fold out chairs (not a picnic blanket as we had previously planned) and headed out into Exeter town centre to find the ‘theatre’.

FullSizeRenderWhen we arrived I was happily surprised to see at least 40 other keen theatre goes, most booted and waterproofed hiding under massive golf umbrellas. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud- I couldn’t imagine any other country thinking this was a good idea…! There was one lady especially  who had obviously not got the ‘bring you own chair’ memo and literally hid in a bush the whole 2.5  hours. It was so sad (/hilarious).

We sat on our wooden chairs with our hoods up, HD with a plastic bag over his legs and both of us sitting on our hands. We sat half sheltered by a tree but I think we got more wet from the massive splodges falling from the leaves. We were soaked by the first ten minutes!

We had a welcome toilet break in the dry library half way through where I spent a little too long with the hands (/head) under the hand dryer and managed to eke out a second cup of tea to hold for another ten minutes.FullSizeRender-2

Despite looking like we were supposed to out on a fishing boat in a storm, feeling wet to our bones, we had a brilliant night. The actors were incredible, the show was so well produced, and with it being Shakespeares most slapstick play they bought a lot of the rain into their comedy moments. Brilliant atmosphere from everyone.

It will definitely go down as one of the most memorable date nights ever.

Especially as we walked back through Exeter town centre absolutely soaked with our wooden chairs whilst every one else was out in their glam outfits. We literally got laughed at in our faces as we walked back to the car. We felt like the cool kids. Yes.


Big Love,





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