Last week we got back from our first family holiday in Cornwall as a four (Rosie the dog inc).. It has been lovely.  Here are the highlights:

Exploring some of the beautiful beaches where I spent as a child.

Seeing  Rosie and Theo play excitedly together. They are in LOVE.

Watching Theo splash in the puddles. Overjoyed is an understatement.

Wolfing down the cream tea that was our welcome to our Air B&B. My favourite cake combo.

Cooking up a full fry up every morning as we were in an actual B&B.

Having a ‘relax’

Having a ‘relax’ on the beach and getting mobbed by Theo and his lunchbox.

Hearing Theo chant ‘Beach Beach Beach’ whenever we got in the car.

Meal planning so we each chose and cooked ‘surprsie’ meals for each other.

Eating soggy sausage sandwiches outside an art gallery whilst Theo was screaming in his pram having a meltdown.

Tracking down the house that ‘About Time’ was filmed in. It is more beautiful in real life than in the film if that is possible.

Husband Dave and I sipping  wine as we played backgammon. Our fave game. ( For the record I won much to HDs disappointment).

At the ‘secret hut’

Sipping the most amazing hot chocolate at the ‘secret hut’ on Portscatho beach. My new favourite place.

Eating Pasties on the Mevagissey harbour.

Holding onto Theo for dear life as he enthusiastically splashed on the harbour steps.

Snuggying up on the sofa and watching films in the evening.

Chatting through our plans for minimising and decluttering our house/  life.

Making a packed lunch every day and heading out to knowing where we would eat it.

Feeling thoroughly refreshed after a few days away and feeling like we never have to go anywhere else on holiday again.

Big Love,



He feels he can adventure anywhere with his snuggie









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