A home weekend.

I love a weekend where we have nothing booked in. After a busy week at work I was looking forward to a lazy few days where we could go at our own pace pottering through. ‘A rarity’ Husband Dave often grumbles.

Friday evening I met Husband Dave on the way back from his work. We took Theo and Rosie for a play in the park. Theo loved splashing in the puddles.

Splashing in his wellies

Dunking Theo in the bath and seeing him giggle at his bedtime story. The love for him…

Husband Dave went to get takeaway whilst I settled on a film… ‘The Invitation’ only because of the stars… I hadn’t read the blurb at all…. (It was a  horror… We were both in shock by the end…)

Struggling up at 8am to Theos increasing noises next door… A nice lie in as they go.

Pottering downstairs. Slowly getting more harassed by Theo getting out everything possible to play with and Rosie getting more and more energetic wanting a walk. Not the best combo.

Feeling relieved when Husband Dave surfaced.

Heading off to the beach for a walk and sausage butty. Theo was mixed between running into the sea and wanting cuddles. I can’t imagine how big the sea must feel to him!

Keeping Theo awake in the car so he would sleep in his cot at home.

Putting Theo down for a nap with stories and more cuddles.

Heading off to Sainsburys to buy some bits for the next few days, and to find some entertainment for Theo on our trip in an aeroplane next week. I am dreading 3 hours with a toddler on a plane…

Settling on… Etch-a-sketch and felt tips and a sticker book. ( I fear I may regret the felt tips…)

Coming home to find Theo awake. Unlike him, he has refused to go to sleep…Running wild in his nappy.

Getting stuck in to packing for our holiday. Laughing at my past self who never thought I would have to spend a day packing with a long list of bits like nappies and bath toys… The things I have to pack! Looking forward to the day I can travel with one roll-a-long again…

Cheering with Husband Dave at seeing The Exeter Chief rugby team make it through to the finals.

Putting Theo to bed with bath, milk, stories, cuddles, white noise, snuggies….an hour long process.

Welcoming my nephew over  for a sleepover.

Reading him a story and kissing him goodnight. Pretty amazed it was that easy.

Cooking dinner. I attempted a re-hash of our date night meal at cote last week. I made this Chicken in a creamy sauce, with roasted rosemary potatoes and a green salad. I will definitely be making this again!

FullSizeRenderWatching ‘Three girls’. One of the most amazing/ unbelievable documentary-dramas iv ever seen. Life changing. A must see.

Waking up to my nephew knocking on our bedroom door. A new experience…Bit nicer than a scream!

Husband Dave taking the kids downstairs whist I enjoyed a lie in. Slurping a cup of tea in bed whilst I watched the last of the ‘Three girls’ series. Again. Unbelief at what happened there.

Having a cuddle with Theo before I headed off to church.

Enjoying the music and talk at church. Feeling refreshed.

Heading into town quickly to buy some shampoo for the holiday. Having to divert to show a lost Italian lady Primark… obviously the place to go if you’re from Italy.

Heading home to throw together this salad. A Jamie Oliver special with watermelon and feta we had at our friends BBQ last week. A lovely summery twist on a salad.

Heading over to our friends for the second BBQ of the year.

Feeling like we are in the south of France. Enjoying good food and company.FullSizeRender-1

Heading off to walk Rosie. We make it up to the University Campus grounds where I spend most of the walk pulling either Theo or Rosie away from a pond. Failing with Rosie… The better of the two to take a dunk I feel.

Feeling so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

Heading home to give Theo a late dinner. Not that he needed anything as he has been scoffing BBQ fodder all afternoon…

Going for a quick run down on the quay in the sunshine whilst Husband Dave dunks Theo in the bath. Coming home for stories and milk with Theo.

Feeling ready for the week ahead after a sunny few days of good food and time together. Looking forward to more chilled weekends.

Big love,

Holly xxx


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