Date night.

Friday night was  Husband Dave and I’s first real date night of the year. We have found it hard to get a date in that wasn’t for someones birthday, seeing friends or having a family get-together. So. we arranged a babysitter and headed out for dinner.

The feeling of heading out just the two of us was amazing. I can’t actually remember the last time we had been out just ‘us’. We practically skipped out the house…I think that HD was a bit too enthusiastic though as as we left he crashed the door… Which woke Theo up (although we didn’t know this at the time…!).

We had a wander around town and landed at Cote, overlooking Exeter Cathedral. It is a beautiful spot ( but mainly chosen as we had nearly expired vouchers as a christmas present). But… before we had ordered our babysitter rang saying that Theo was awake, that she had been rubbing his tummy for the last 20 mins… was there anything else that might work… Oh no….! I was ready to run home but she said he was fine, he was just not going to sleep… would the muslin on the floor help? YES. That is the secret …When he had this he fell straight back to sleep.

We chatted through the evening about jobs, us, future, Theo, more jobs, what was making us happy / sad. It felt so good to have time and space to properly connect. HD was trying to work out when we would be able to do this whenever we wanted again… and thought it was when he would be 60 years old. I reminded him that he wasn’t in fact 45 as the math would equate, but 33… mmmm… he is obvs feeling OLD!

Through speaking with other parents I think we are especially good at prioritising other events over a date night out….and I always think a date night ‘in’ will bring the same effect, but it is so different. However much I completely love being a mum and all it brings, I didn’t quite realise that I wouldn’t be able to go out whenever, wherever… and that this won’t change for another 20 years! More regular date nights are definitely the way forward!IMG_9800

Other events of the weekend were…

Cooking a mass load of cheese scones. Tripling the recipe thinking it would be good for the freezer. Not realising *just* how many it would make (60).

Heading down to our local park to play rounders for my best friends birthday. Taking it a bit too seriously. I think I have pulled most muscles in my legs and arms.

Taking Rosie for an evening walk. Getting caught in a monsoon rain. Rosie shivering all the way home. She is not the hardiest of dogs…!

Having a chilled evening in and an early night. HD made dinner and gave me lots of cuddles before I headed upstairs for an early night.

Rosie… Before the rain hit

Doing kids work at church. Mainly managing lots of energetic toddlers from having multiple meltdowns.


Heading to a friends for the first birthday BBQ of the year. Sunning it up and eating burgers and cake was a winner end to a beautiful May weekend.

This evening I have been on a mission hoovering, putting laundry on, sorting laundry, generally resetting the house ready for a another week. Ooh and eating cheese scones for a snacky tea (This may be for the next week as well)….


Big Love

Holly xxx



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