Lurgy remedies.

This past week I have been hit by the lurgy. It has knocked me horizontal. Literally. I have found it hard to get myself off the sofa to do anything. Which is a tough one when I have an active toddler on the move at all times, and a bounding puppy, let alone Husband Dave to chase after…! A few things that have helped to keep me sane the last week…

Long bubble baths. Im not usually one of a bubble bath, but when your body aches and you have the fever chills, nothing can beat a soak in the bath.

Taking moments when Theo was napping to snuggle up in bed for a snooze.

Not getting out of my pjamas all day.

Mary Berry fruity loaf and honey and lemon tea

Showering and washing my hair. One of my favourite feelings after a poorly few days.

Drinking lots of honey and lemon tea.

Popping paracetamol to keep the aches at bay.

Having early nights, I have really enjoyed sinking into bed at 9ish and reading my book.

Watching day time tv, something I havnt done since before Theo was born. Oh how I have missed homes under the hammer.

Later mornings…Thankfully Theo has been in touch with what we have needed too. His morning awakinings have crept upto 9 o clock on some mornings which is unheard of. But very much appreciated.

Using some energy to sort books to go the charity shop. Persuading Husband Dave if he hasn’t re-read a book he didn’t enjoy the first time round ten years ago, perhaps it could go to the charity shop?

Having cuddles. I need lots of cuddles when I am poorly, usually after I have cried for no reason, … Husband, baby, puppy hugs… any of these will do.

Making a fruit loaf. For some reason when I feel poorly I crave a good tea loaf… I tried this one by Mary Berry this time, and loved it. A bit too much.

Lighting the fire in the evenings… I had cleaned it out for the summer a few weeks ago, but it has been brought back to life again as it has felt so chilly again in the evenings.

Husband Dave has been perfecting his fry up in the mornings (Amazing followed by a midmorning nap).

Taking Rosie for little walks to the park at the end of the road and watching her get exhausted from playing with other dogs

Making some comfort foods. This honey and lemon chicken is a family fave. Quick and easy but so tasty….

Having chilled days just pottering round the house, lazing in the garden when the sun is out.

Theo showing off his new smile… and shoes

Riding the bus into town, saving the energy it takes to walk the 15 minute uphill route. Buying Theo new summer shoes. I am fully in love with these beauties.

After a week now of feeling pretty pants, I think I am on the mend. I think listening to my head when it comes to staying off work and taking it easy doesn’t come easily to me. I usually try to push myself to carry on regardless…but I think since having Theo I know that if I don’t take it easy straight off, I wont get better -I think my body has less of a tolerance to ‘pushing through’ now… and I cant call in sick to having to look after Theo!

Hope you have all a good week,

Big Love,

Holly xxx




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